Hej med jer :-)
Jo, altså jeg hedder Emilie og det her er min hjemmeside. Den blev lavet, da jeg for 2 år siden tog et år til Australien, siden jeg så kom hjem her sidste sommer har jeg ikke så meget brugt hjemmesiden. Jeg har dog brugt min blog meget!

Den hedder: blog.emiliestorm.dk
Min australien blog hedder: www.aus.emiliestorm.dk





Hvis du skulle ha' nogle spørgsmål, så e-mail mig gerne: emilie@storm-andersen.dk


 - Emilie.



So hello everyone!

Well, I'm Emilie. Almost 17 years of age, have just a month or two to go.
3 weeks ago I returned to reality after having the time of my life in Australia. Yes yes, I spent a year living with Kangaroos and snakes.
Exciting as, I would say! Didn't feel like going home at all. I was loving every minute - even the ones spent with snakes ;) BUT if yous want to, you can read about it in my blogs.
I owe everything to Rotary, who made this year come true. I send all my hugs especially to Griffith East Rotary and Tørring-Uldum Rotary. 


Now there's unfortunately not gonna be anymore snake or kangaroo talk, there will be some about me and the crew at the new school but. We might not make i as snakes, but we sure do have fun :) !

I'll have my blog updated at least once a week - with new pics, if there happens to be anything exciting going on.

The site is on Danish, 'cause I have to make sure everybody here in tiny Denmark understands - we ain't all smart, ya know ;) I'm planning on keeping my facebook in english.


 - Emilie.

Emilie Storm

 - livet som gymnasie elev..